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2.1 Paying Rent

Tenants are required to pay rent on the date it is due – usually the 1st of the month. If you are late by even one day, or short by any amount of money, your landlord has the right to give you a 10 Day Eviction Notice for Non-Payment of Rent. This is the most serious type of eviction notice and must be dealt with immediately if you want to save your housing. Once you have received a 10 Day Notice, you have only five days to cancel the notice by paying the full rent.

This five-day grace period for unpaid rent is an important legal protection for tenants, but it is not something that can be relied on every month. If you repeatedly pay your rent late – the general rule is least three times within a 12-month period – your landlord can evict you for “cause”, using a One Month Notice.