1.6 RESOURCE: Previous Legal Decisions

Reading previous legal decisions can be a great way to learn more about tenants’ and landlords’ rights and responsibilities. The Residential Tenancy Branch offers a search engine for previous dispute resolution decisions, but you can also use TRAC’s website as a resource, as each one of its webpages lists relevant decisions on that area of the law. For example, at the bottom of TRAC’s webpage on Guests, you can download a dispute resolution decision where the arbitrator found a 14-day per year overnight guest policy to be an illegal attempt to contract out of the Residential Tenancy Act. If your landlord is trying to impose this type of restrictive policy on you and your guests, this decision might convince them to remove it from your tenancy agreement. Alternatively, if you apply for dispute resolution to request an order that your landlord follow the law, you can submit this decision as part of your evidence package.

previous legal decisions