5.4 RTB Correction and Clarification

If a decision is unclear or contains a mistake, a party can submit Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) Form, Request for Correction or Request for Clarification, free of charge. The applicant does not have to notify the other party of this application, unless the arbitrator instructs them to do so.

For some types of issues, such as the following, there is a 15-day deadline to apply from the date the decision was received:

  • the decision is too difficult to understand or ambiguous and needs to be clarified;
  • the decision contains an obvious error; or
  • the decision accidentally left something out.

For other types of issues, such as the following, the 15-day deadline may not apply:

  • the decision has a typo;
  • the decision has grammatical errors; or
  • the decision has a math error.