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4.4 Presenting Evidence

Each party should be given a chance to present evidence at a hearing. When it is your turn to speak to the arbitrator, here are some general suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Always refer to your most important evidence, as some arbitrators will only consider evidence they were directed to during the hearing.
  • Do not assume the arbitrator is an expert on everything; walk them through your evidence and explain how it supports the claims you are trying to prove.
  • Refer to specific page numbers and paragraphs in your evidence package, pausing briefly if you sense the arbitrator needs time to find the correct spot. 
  • Speak at a pace that will allow the arbitrator to take notes and absorb what you are saying. If they are having trouble following along, be patient and willing to provide clarification.
  • If the opposing party interrupts you while presenting evidence, do not engage with them; the arbitrator should handle the situation and allow you to finish speaking.