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2.13 Amending an Application

You can add to, alter, or remove claims made in an application by submitting Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) Form, Tenant Request to Amend an Application for Dispute Resolution, to the RTB or any Service BC office. Applications can also be amended to change an address, or to add or remove a party, using RTB Form, Other Request to Amend an Application for Dispute Resolution to change address, add or remove a party or remove a claim.

If one party objects to the opposing party’s proposed amendment, the arbitrator will consider whether the amendment would cause any prejudice or result in a breach of procedural fairness. The arbitrator will ultimately decide to:

  • accept the amendment and proceed with the hearing;
  • dismiss the request to amend the application with or without leave to reapply; or
  • adjourn the hearing to allow the other party a chance to respond.


Withdrawing an Application

If you need to withdraw an application for dispute resolution, refer to RTB Rules of Procedure Rule 5.0.1 – Withdrawal of an Application for Dispute Resolution.