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1.5 Types of Remedies

Residential Tenancy Branch dispute resolution offers a range of remedies for tenants and landlords. For example, an arbitrator can:

  • order a party to follow the law;
  • order a party to pay monetary compensation or damages to the other party;
  • order a landlord to repair a rental unit or property;
  • give a tenant permission to withhold money from future rent payments;
  • give a tenant permission to change their locks;
  • cancel or uphold an eviction notice; and
  • grant an Order of Possession to a tenant or landlord.


Multiple Claims

Arbitrators can rule on multiple claims at the same hearing – as long as they are related and have been included as part of the same dispute resolution application. If you forget to list a claim on your application, or try to add an unrelated one, you may have to submit a second application for a separate hearing.