3.11 Discrimination

The BC Human Rights Tribunal is responsible for accepting, screening, mediating, and adjudicating human rights complaints, such as discrimination and harassment. According to the BC Human Rights Code – the law that created the BC Human Rights Tribunal – a landlord cannot refuse to rent to you because of your:

  • Indigenous identity
  • race;
  • colour;
  • ancestry;
  • place of origin;
  • religion;
  • marital status;
  • family status;
  • physical or mental disability;
  • sex;
  • sexual orientation;
  • age (if 19 or older); or
  • lawful source of income.



There are a few exceptions to the protected grounds listed in the BC Human Rights Code. The laws about discrimination may not apply if:

  • the rental applicant will be sharing sleeping, bathroom, or cooking facilities with another person;
  • the building is designated for adults 55 and older; or
  • the unit has the required permits to be designated for people with disabilities.